Taking guitar lessons or self-taught guitar instruction? Learn and master the guitar fret-board. Visualize and learn ALL the guitar scales and chords.

Beginner or Pro, The Pickin’ Tool will enable you to “SEE” what you want to learn. Learn guitar how the Pro’s do it and make it look easy!

Only $19.95

Makes Learning Guitar Easy

The Pickin’ Tool makes the music you are studying much easier to apply to the guitar. If you are studying guitar scales, guitar chords, leads or progressions in one position or all over the neck, The Pickin’Tool makes it easy.

The Pickin’ Tool will show you how to play them, how to build them, and give you a visual representation of them in a guitar tablature fashion with two full size guitar necks that you can study with guitar in hand.
You will learn the guitar neck like you never thought possible and be able to visualize guitar tabs, sheet music, chord progressions and the guitar lessons that you are studying. You will understand the way guitar scales and guitar chords form on the guitar neck. See how to pick that perfect acoustic guitar riff or work out that blazing lead lick.

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The Pickin' Tool


The Pickin’ Tool is an instructional aid for guitar players; it is not a method to teach guitar but a tool to assist in professional lessons or self-instruction. The Pickin’ Tool makes the learning, understanding, and application of guitar chords and scales on the instrument’s neck much easier for any player.

The Pickin’ Tool has two fully illustrated drawings of guitar necks, each with all the frets and notes for a guitar in standard tuning. It is covered with a clear laminate so that note and chord positions can be clearly marked and studied with guitar in hand; it’s also laid out in tablature fashion. The Pickin’ Tool allows you to build and mark any scale or chord pattern over the entire length of the guitar, study it with guitar in hand, and then wipe it clean to use and mark when studying something else. The Pickin’ Tool accelerates the process of learning note positions and the patterns they create. Thanks to the Pickin’ Tool, it’s never been easier to visualize and apply basic guitar theory.

On this innovative tool, you’ll find the scale formula printed on the front near the guitar necks so that you can figure out and see the notes you need for your project. Included with The Pickin’ Tool are instructions on how to build the Major scale and an explanation of how it works to build any scale or chord you wish to build. Understanding the fundamentals, you’ll be able to use them to build any scale or chord These instructions are the easiest to understand you will ever see written. To illustrate how scales and patterns are formed, included are also some standard scale and chord patterns. Learn guitar scales with The Pickin’ Tool.

THE PICKIN’ TOOL comes with a colorful set of four dry-erase markers and can be conveniently clipped into a three-ring binder or thrown into your guitar case.

The Pickin’ Tool is only $19.95 and available online. BUY NOW! Start making your guitar dreams come true and pick one up today!

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